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Ms. Independent

April 21, 2013

Forgive me for the long blog hiatusss… I’m up for something which kept me busy for a week (and would still keep me busy for months).That’s why I thought of writing this post about Independent ( even if it’s not related with my outfit. lols)

Top|Skirt:Tomato|Sunnies: Romwe| Necklace: Bedazzle Accessories|Flats:Solemate

photos by Abby G

I grew up in a family where I am the youngest and “the baby” considering I have really big age gap with my two elder sisters. Nonetheless,I think it’s also good to start being independent at this point in time. It’s great to make own decisions and to have control over own destiny, isn’t it? Time to stand with my two feet – grab every opportunity and learn from mistakes which will both make me grow and mold me as a better person.

However ,there’s no need to put much pressure on yourself at this matter. What’s important is your trying to learn one step at a time. Some are born leaders but some are not and everybody knows how hard it is to be one. Start from small things like waking up on your own, preparing your own food and commuting instead of letting a family member lend you a service and venture on bigger things like getting job, earning own money and making decisions that will have huge impact on your life.  Try and try! 🙂


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