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July 15, 2013

Aren’t days like this – blue skies with cloud puffs blanketing the sun rays and breezy cold wind which touches your face relaxing?

How I wish milieu is just like this all the time…

Blazer: Ash Manila| Shorts: Androygne Manila|Shoes: Trunk Show

Photos by Abby G

And so with my look …

Everyone’s going gaga over Bart Simpson-as if it’s like a trending tweet  ( that’s why this is entitled #HashBart, get it? 😀 ). Isn’t the shorts too quirky? Just can’t help but wear it. Nonetheless, made sure the look wouldn’t turn out too casual so I topped it off with boyfriend’s blazer & slipped into my most trusted spiked wedges for a touch of edginess.

Btw, can you recommend a good pair of running shoes? Looking for one right now. Guess I have to do some running, work out in general again. Am gaining a lil’ weight without toning ( nah, drinking frappuccino three times a day led me to this. haha).

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