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True Happiness

May 29, 2013

Dress: Persici| Satchel: Clarashoppe| Shoes: Trunk Show| Earrings: Beyond Vintage Fashion

photos by  Abby G

Look around you, every person just wish of being happy and avoid suffering. Nonetheless, often times we can’t determine the difference between happiness and true happiness. Happiness can easily be referred to as the state of constant joy and bliss. It lasts for only a short period of time and suddenly will cause irritation once we’re dissatisfied.What about True Happiness?  I can say, we can find true happiness by eliminating pleasure and practicing contentment. In this world nothing is perfect and we can’t have everything that we want and we can’t be as perfect as the person we always dreamed to be.

The happiest people don’t have of everything, they just make the best of everything.

How can we find true happiness? Eliminate those negative vibes. Detoxify yourselves from negative attitude, actions and words that will harm you as well as others.Attract the positive ones. Stock up on affirmative thoughts that will make you feel happy beyond imperfections. Reconnect with your true nature. Find your inner peace and deeper source of true happiness.Appreciate everything that you have, other people don’t have them, while you are just taking them for granted  –  Thought of the Day 🙂



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