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Music Festival

April 27, 2013

This Summer, Music Festivals are being held -Coachella here, Summer Solstice there. Since I’m bummed with my hectic schedule (though it’s vacation. haha) , le’me just pretend that I’ll be attending one by wearing a MF-inspired outfit.

So, since it’s a Music Festival and the venue is concert grounds – you have to dress smart. When I say smart, it’s appropriate to the place and event. Dress comfy and casually, starting off with breezy top and shorts.

Then, a comfy pair of kicks since you’ll be standing might as well jumping the whole night.

Lastly, small details also count! Tie your hair -Remember, it would be a jam-packed event so expect that it would be hot. Add up the intense heat of Summer. Accessories – be a minimalist. You don’t wan to bump into someone and leave a bruise in her skin because of your spikey bracelets and rings. haha. Sunnies – looong lines would start hours before the event when the sun is still shining bright so you’ll be needing this as well especially when the place is somewhere in the dessert. đŸ™‚

Btw, I’m selling these items HERE.

Top & Shorts: TFV| Sunnies: Romwe| Boots: Dr Martens

Photos by Abby G


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