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Miss Middleton with a Twist

January 15, 2013

Cut-out dress: Betty|Satchel: SM WWW|Bowler: Bangkok|Galaxy Shoes:Vans-customized

Photos by Raphael Reyes

I soooo love Kate Middleton’s fashion sense in a way that it revolves around versatile pieces with a hint of sophistication and feminism. She’s truly one of my fashion icons moreover now that my taste in clothing changed as I’ve mentioned in my earlier post. Nonetheless, I prefer wearing comfy kicks in lieu of  high sky heels at this point in time to give my feet some rest. In addition with that, I want to venture on mixing feminine and masculine fashion to make an androgynous look. So what did I do in my first try? Wear my Ms Middleton inspired dress  with a hint of  cut-outs at the back , paired it up with galaxy lace-ups and topped t off with a bowler hat. Viola! A style of my own. 🙂 And the greater good about this dress? It’s so flexible.  Wear it with flats and hat  for a date out (just as what I did) , put a Boyfriend’s blazer on for some formal events or even add up some gold accessories and high heels for a part night out.

*behind the camera

My weird face whenever I can’t think of a pose….lols 😛

So, he’s asking me to make weird poses too. haha 😀

…with the man behind my photos 🙂

…the scene we were watching while waiting for the rain to stop


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