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Trend Alert:Loafers

November 2, 2012

Loafers hits today’s spotlight because it turns every girl’s outfit into a hippie yet comfy ensemble. The masculinity of this It-shoe balances off the daintiness of skirts and dresses which are essentials in every girl’s wardrobe.

1. Animal Print

Showcase your wild side by wearing a cut-out dress partnered with animal printed loafers and bag. During the day, top it off with a button-down to look more polished.

2.Loafer Heels

Sem-break will soon be over and second semester is just around the corner. Be the campus head turner by sporting a school girl ensemble. Loose Top + Skirt +Satchel + Lace & Heel Loafers = viola! The perfect ensemble to start the semester!

3. Patent

Are you worries about your kicks getting wet in amusement park rides? Why don’t you try wearing a pair of patent loafers topped with a ribbon for an instant chic-on-the-go look.

4.Buckled Leather

Prep up a polished ensemble ( Button Down+ Blazer combo) by wearing brown leather kicks.

5. Spiked Darby

Let these deadly kicks do the talking!Aren’t a dainty circle skirt in red and black silvery-spiked loafers make a totally rockin’ combination?

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Stay tuned for a Back-to-School Giveaway! 😀

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