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What’s in the Mailbox?

October 12, 2012

After more than a week of sleepless nights, final exams are finally over! Gaah, it’s tiring physically and mentally,really though it’s worth the effort. 😉 An so I’m back in the business.. hahaha! 😀

Such a good timing that these items were delivered into our for the past few days. teehee! >:)

Via Dress from Hollymoon

Thanks Miss Angela! ♥

You know what’s so special about this dress? It’s named after Ms Angela’s mom. 🙂

Zipmawth from Happidigee

Aren’t they too cute to envy? haha 😀

Plus, they’re really functional – even my BB fits in here. 😉

Skirt from Romwe

It’s a midi scarf printed skirt! 😀

Bowler hat from WAGW

This one’s for Raphael! haha 😀 TFV2! jk!

We have the same hat now! >:)

Spiked Arm Candies & Bag from Mama

Thanks to my ever supportive Mom. teehee! >:) She really knows me! 😀


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