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October 3, 2012

*awkward poses wahaha! (evil laugh)

nag-eemote >:)

And so, nagutom ako sa sobrang hyper ko that day 😛

Muscle Tee: Romwe|Tank Top (inner): NafNaf | Leatherette Shorts:Copper|Shoes: Solemate|Spike Bracelet

Photos by Raphael

Thinking if I’m gonna entitle this post Mohawk or Blue Ranger.haha! 😀 Obviously the print on my shirt screams Mohawk nonetheless, I feel like I’m the blue ranger (on Power Rangers) because of the shoulder pads. Ever since, I’m fond of watching that cartoon series. (I’m boy at heart you know) sshh 😛

Let’s proceed with the LOTD…

I’m a BIG fan of loose shirts, good thing muscle tee was created (applause) for girls (too) without looking like a thug. 😀 The greater good? It has shoulder pads which make my shoulders broader. For pear-shaped persons like me, blessed with much hip (haha 😉 ) you should always find clothes/tops which defines your upper body (shoulder part) to divert attention and create a balancing act with your lower body. Embellished, padded or those with busy prints is what you need. In my case, I opted to pair it with this leatherette shorts and spikes to make a fierce look. It is yay or nay? 🙂



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