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September 15, 2012

Dress: c/o Ate Kath| Balzer: Copper| Shoes: Folded & Hung

Photos by Ate Marj (such a supportive sister, still manage to took photos of me )

I actually just got home from a wedding event where my sister was the Maid of Honor (again! such a best friend . haha! ), tired but I just can’t ignore my blogging duty and so I’m writing this post.. (for the love of blogging.bow! 😉 )

Entitled this post Rosette because of the huge floral details on my dress- don’t know but that’s the first thing that came into my mind. 😛

Proceed to the LOTD proper…

Putting up an outfit for events inside the church is one of the crucial part of dressing up because of the strict dres code. Sleeveless top, low neckline and high hem are BIG no-no’s. And so, conservative clothes are the only ones acceptable. In my oufit, I’ve decided to build up an entire look with this baby doll dress from Ate Kath ( haha! that’s one of the advantage of having sisters! 😉 ). Topped it off with a blazer from Copper to tone down the outfit a lil’ bit and make it more conservative. Of course, sky high heels made the difference – it made my look more formal and sophisticated. Imagine, partnering baby doll shoes will make the oufit a tad bit more casual. As what I always say: Details make diferrence, so you better pay attention. 😉



Gah.. Gotta go! Gonna read Candy’s Sept-ish ( Tricia G is there!) plus Preview Mag where Tricia, Laureen & Camille are in the front cover! Wee! >:)

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