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Trend Alert: Flatforms

August 15, 2012

A stunning pair of shoes makes an outfit stand out “- and the first thing which comes into our minds are those sky high heels. Well, we all know the fact that not all women can wear those towering pairs of either Stilettos or Platform Heels. Good news there are Flatforms now! They’re the so called lifesavers from those embarrassing moments trying hard to stand on sky high heels. They’re MORE conventional and comfy. Plus, easier to incorporate in outfits during casual days or semi-formal event.

Here are some ways to style Flatforms:

Try wearing short skirts or shorts when wearing flatforms so your legs will look longer 🙂 —Laureen Uy

Flatforms looks best with shorts and dresses—invest in a classic color like black so that it’s easy to pair with your other clothing pieces 🙂 —Lissa Kahayon

The brogue flatform is a very quirky design idea. I think it is best worn with casual, playful outfits. Add a touch of feminine too to balance it all out. —Danika Navarro

will definitely try this trend asap! >:)



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