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July 24, 2012

Top: Mango| Shorts: Bangkok| Neckpiece: Sugar Kissed| Shoes:Folded & Hung

Photos by Abby G

Bipolar Weather equals Bipolar Outfit

Nah, we all feel sick because of the weather – scorching hot in the morning and freezing cold in the evening. I just don’t get it. 😡 (too much blabbing :P)

Back with what I’m wore…

I had actually no idea on what to wear because of the bipolar weather, and so I came up with a bipolar clothe combination also. haha 😛  Sported a look composed of solid colors to somehow relieve the ominous disposition and turn it to vibrant one.I actually unearthed this kinda tie-dye top from my closet which had been forgotten for a long time now. It was tad bit challenging to wear it casually because most of the time, long sleeve means formal. Good thing I had this electric blue high waist shorts which looked coherent with my top, neck-piece and shoes for a casual day out with friends. 😉


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