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June 17, 2012

Top: For Me| Skirt: Free Fusion Aus| Neckpiece: Sugar Kissed| Clutch| Shoes: Primadonna

Photos by ate Kath & Renz Reyes

Cotton, silk, snakeskin,lace- didn’t realize I had texture overload on my LOTD last night for my friend’s debut party because of last minute preparations.   Anyhoo, the outcome isn’t it that bad naman dber? hihi 😉 Or I should say there is freedom in fashion?  Well, it’s just adrenalin rush + creativity + confidence. 😛 As the saying goes “ What is important in a dress is a woman who is wearing it -YSL “. So whatever you’re wearing, wear it with your head high! Found this top at my closet hanging for the longest time hence, ’twas my first time to wear it and I’d just loved it. Mainly because of it’s color and cut,subtle sexy indeed. ( also, bec I’m uber conscious with my collar bone.haha!) Too much blabbing, saree!

Tomorrow’s gonna be the start of the new school year. ( TG! I’m now on the third year in college 😀 )Meaning, new lessons, new projects, new professors and of course new set of experiences. Well, going to school isn’t just about learning theoretical lessons, but what’s much more important are the practical things we need in our daily lives in order to survive.  😉


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