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June 3, 2012

#Blogger’s United Strike 3 was a blast! The whole place was jam packed! But before the whole blabbing thing about the event itself happen,let me show you what I wore at the said event 🙂

Good thing the management provided space for outfit shots with good lighting and enough space >:) ( FYI: my only intention was to take outfit shots not to smoke. lol 😛 )

Cut out top: Copper| Skirt: Free Fusion Aus| Bowler Hat: Thailand-made | Satchel:Muradito| Bracelets: Bedazzle Accessories| Loafer Heels: Parsian

Entitled this LOTD Madeline because of my hat. hihi. I just remembered the cartoon I was watching when I was a child. Uuhhh, missin’ my chilhood days. 😐 Hoarded this at the event at the the booth of Gelo, they’re selling a lot of brand new stuffs at much lower price. 😀 ( yes, impulsive I know, but it’s pink so… )Back to my outfit, well honestly, I can’t think of anything to wear at the BU3 until a package from Copper arrived. Wee, thanks a lot! Don’t you just love it, too? From it’s electric blue color to the cut-out back. 😉 Partnered it with high-waisted flowy skirt because the cut is just a lil’ high. heh! 😉


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