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The Magic Lives On

May 24, 2012

( Thank you girls for the candid shot, haha)

Top: Plains & Prints|Bottoms:Altered|Loafers:Shoebox

Polo Collar:Personalized Accessories

Chain Bracelet: Bedazzle Accessories| Satchel:Studio Boheme

Photos by Wella,Milli and Romie. Thanks gals! 😀

Joined the Enchanted Kingdom tour sporting a not so EKxtreme- ready outfit. Yes, ako na ang di ready.heh! :p Thought of what to wear in the last few minutes before leaving the house. Though I wanted to wear shorts so I can move with ease,had second thoughts because we’ll be having a plant tour beforehand. And so, lazy me, I didn’t mind to bring extra clothes for EK instead 😛 ( Who will enjoy bringing a big bulky bag in amusement park? -defensive 😛 ) This is my kind of casual during these kinda days, you know. chos! 😉 Good thing I have this polo collar from Personalized Accessories which gave extra ommphh to my LOTD  and satchel from Studio Boheme which had enough space to carry my dslr and other stuffs. 🙂


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