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April 7, 2012

CAUTION: This is a photo-heavy post. Forgive me,it’s my day.hehe 😀

Top: Plain & Prints|Shorts:landmark|Satchel:Muradito|Brogues:Gigli

Photos by Raphael Reyes

If you’ve been reading my blog for the past few days you’ll notice that I’m often wearing this top. hihi 😛 Well, it’s my most preferred piece in closet as of now. It’s so cute to be missed. Agree?  Though it’s my birthday spend the whole day at the salon with my sisters, church to Thank God for the overflowing blessings and Hi Street to take some outfit shots because it’s Black Saturday. Gotta celebrate my birthday tomorrow with people closest to my heart-opted to make it simple but memorable. 😉

Spend the rest of the day with him coz it’s his birthday tomorrow. oh dber? 2 birthdays in one celebration! ;P

had a mini celebration tonight 🙂

Tres marias with our newly dyed crowning glories 😉



 See mooooooreeee photos here 😉

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