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March 11, 2012

Day 02: Island Hopping for Mom’s Birthday! >:)

Woke up early and got ready for second day’s activity! 😀

1. Sumptuous breakfast to fill our stomach for whole day’s activity.(coz we need a lot of energy!) 🙂

2.We did Kayaking while waiting for our designated banca and guide to pick us up.

3. First stop- Kayangan Lake.

We had to do a 5-minute trek to be able to go to the lake proper.

4. Twin Peaks

5. “________” Island (I forgot the name.hehe) Headed here for our lunch. Yum!

Grilled Pacawan ( of  the Tuna Family) and Pork for Lunch. Yum!

6. Coral Garden

 Coral formations are just incredible.If we only have underwater cam with us..uurrgghhh. There are blue ones,purples,and a whole lot more with different shapes and sizes.

7. CYC Beach

My sisters attempting to make a “dragging pose” 😛

Patrick the Starfish? Thought of bringing it home for my lil’ cuz but then it’s still alive.Hehe! >:) Kawawa naman.

Our so called “sand castle-making”

Look at the sand,it’s just like Pulvoron.Craving for one! Hehe >:D

8. Twin Lagoon

Sorry for the lack of photos.We can’t bring with us the cam because we were going to pass by under the whole of the rock ( good thing it was low tide) to get to the other lagoon.

9.La Isla Bar and Grill

A lil’ Dinner Party for Mom’s Birthday 🙂

I hate this videoke! haha. I think it has a voice recognition. uurgghhh.. >:|

Well,Papa’s the defending champion garnering a total of 93 points 😛



I fell asleep while they were still singing ZzZz Knock out!

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