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February 9, 2012

Top:Coco Club|Shorts:Bangkok|Detachable Collar:ThePinup GirlStore

Good thing there’s my detachable collar to complete the look.Imagine? If I’m not wearing this,the whole outfit would just be plain though. Plus, there’s no need to wear collared top underneath-just think of it,layering in a scorching hot weather? Oh noes…

Parrot & Mask Ring: Just Kikay x Sassy ~Me | Black Ring:Sam-payan


Photo Credit: Ate Marj


*Boy-ish LOTD yet girly poses.heh! >:)

Sometimes it’s also great to try on different style far from the usual.Just like what I wore today which is kinda’ boy-ish…free from bold colored tops, paper bag shorts and sky high heels. Why don’t you also give it  try?  😉

Hassle-free get up for a day of relaxation after a number of exhaustive weeks.urrgghh… At last! 😀


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