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Kinda’ Sweet

February 4, 2012

A comeback post from a loooooong backlog! Bear with me,please. heh! >:) I missed this,actually!

I’ve been busy with school these past few days/ weeks in preparation for our Midterms/ College Week.

*In fact,though it’s Saturday, probably a rest day from exhaustive weekdays…We were in school from morning ’til night to have our final rehearsals for the upcoming pageant by next week. heh! Worth it naman!

Oh di ba? Nakakachika pa rin kahit ang daming kemerlu (word of the day). >:)

And so what’s with my r-e-a-l post is here… (segue lang yan :P)

Here’s what I wore at Ann’s debut party…

Top: Blueberry|Skirt:Tomato|Satchel:Muradito

This top is one of my fave,heh! I spotted it at the kid’s section of Sm Department Store…cute dber? >:) One of my so called top-to-the-rescue whenever I can’t pick of something good to wear 🙂

Foxy Heels:Chickflick

Good thing, My Mom and sisters helped me out to decide on what to wear. I’m kinda’ freakin’ puzzled that time.heh! As much as I can remember,I changed thrice before this LOTD had been finalized. Also, thanks to Papa for driving all the way to the venue and picking me up the time when the party has ended.  >:)

Though I’m kinda’ sick that night, still I managed to come because it’s Ann’s special day-I couldn’t miss it! Definitely, who doesn’t want to witness and be a part of her close friend’s transformation from a woman to a lady?


You can still vote (by liking the photos) for me regarding the Ms. PUP Tourism Ambassadress




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