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Happy Sole

November 7, 2011

I together with my co-blogger Abby G of As You Like It had time to visit last Saturday’s event at World Trade Center namely Super Sale Bazaar. It features shops including clothing, accessories, shoes, bags etcetera which are mostly known for selling online. I’ve spotted some- Chickflick Collection, Anagon Collection, Yhansy Manila, Sole Service, Pretaporter and a whole lot more which are making names in the fashion industry because of their trendy and chic products.

For my outfit…

Animal Print Top|Skort:MNG

Another animal print top.The other one is what I’ve mentioned here.

*If you’re wearing a loose bottom like what I was wearing (others could be harem pants and palazzo pants), the most advisable top to be worn would be the fit one. Never, as in never ever dare to wear a loose top partnered with loose bottom. You might look a bit smaller and bigger compared to your actual silhouette.

Ear Cuff: Bedazzle Accessories

Loafer Pumps: Pretaporter

These kicks are LOOOOOVE at first sight 0.0

Perfect color combination (two of my favorites) plus, lustrous design. Who can resist this kinda’ shoes?…wore it as soon as I purchased it. Perfect kicks to complete my outfit. >:)

I’ll be blogging about these new kicks soon. Oh yan,may teaser na huh… 😛

P.S. That’s why I named this entry as Happy you know 😀

Eksena sa Bazaar 🙂

Fuchsia pink loot bags for purchased items 🙂




There will be 3 winner plus more chances of winning!

Missed the chance to see Miss Ava and to be part of the DIVAlicious camp </3

…lots of things waiting to be blogged about (but before that, I need to take photos,post editing,upload, and most of all to think and think and think >:)


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