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Sassy~Me Look #5

November 2, 2011


Another Sassy~Me look >:)


Top: Sassy~Me|Shorts|Feather-y Earrings:Just Kikay

Isn’t the top just perfect because of its simplicity? Oh well, the variety of stripes make the top stand out without the need of adding much detail.Plus, the cut! Yeah, it makes me look petite just like the other top I mentioned here.Teehee. That’s what I love about Sassy~Me’s collection. ❤

Wing,Mask and Airplane Ring:Just Kikay

Another set of ring from Just na bet! 😀

Foxy Heels: Chickflick 

*sigh* Second semester will start tomorrow. Thanks goodness culinary arts will be our subject first thing in the morning…isn’t that much mind wrecking. >:)

Missin’ my classmates, I’ll be seeing them really, really soon xo’xo



I’ll be announcing the winner of The Fashion Voyager x Bedazzle Accessories Giveaway later.

You still have the chance to join here before it’s too late…Read it here.

Check out Just Kikay’s Collection here and get amazing discounts.

Visit the newly opened store: Sassy~Me

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