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Sassy~Me Look #4

November 1, 2011

My favorite look amongst all! ❤

This is sooooooo meee… >:)

This LOTD of mine describes the real me..teehee 😀 –sassy

Did you know that among the Tres Marias I’m the only one who’s sassy and girly? Oh well,I’m telling the truth,I’m the dress-up doll in our family and I’m lovin’ it. ❤

I love wearing cute tops and shorts as much as I dislike wearing shirts and jeans. Why? I can’t explain the reason behind. 😛 Maybe just because since I was a kid,I’m used to wear girly clothes.


Top: Sassy~Me|Denim High Waist Shorts| Feather-y earrings:Just Kikay

Every detail of this top is looove…From the color to the heart-shaped buttons…

Scorpio Ring,Pink Ring,Mask Ring: Just Kikay

The Scorpio ring’s my favorite in Just Kikay’s first collection. It’s so cool and eye-catchy,isn’t it?  On the other hand,my mom and sister are lovin’ the red mask ring instead.

Foxy Heels: Chickflick

The second semester is just about to start. Good thing I have enough set of photos with me to sustain my blog’s life for this week. Another good news? This upcoming semester,I’ll be having more time to take outfit shots because of our schedule in class.-3 days at school and 4 days at home.Imagine? I have plenty of time to write and write and write. Isn’t that great? 😀



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