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October 21, 2011


Clash-as in Clash of textures…

Romper:online store|Crochet Vest:courtesy of Ate Marj (Thankee!)


Lovin’ my pink lippies ♥

I’ve bought new lipstick from Sophie…and planning to buy another just like what Barbie’s wearing >:) Ice Pink,baby!

feather earrings:courtesy of Just Kikay

connector rings:courtesy of Just Kikay

Chunky Foxy:Chickflick

Abby G…the woman behind my photos.Thanks a lot! ❤

Visit her site:

Just this afternoon,my sister (*in heart.teehee :])Abby G and I had the chance to bond and catch up on things since it’s sem break. And of course,our top agenda….(*drum roll) to take some photos for our blog and lookbook entries.That’s how much we love blogging and I admit,we’re cam whores >:)

Back to my look…

Named this look-Clash-as in Clash of textures…

Honestly,I just noticed this as I got home from our meet up as I browsed the photos.teehee 😀 The only thing I knew when I left was that it looked good and feel good.Remember-comfort over fashion.

Still,it looked good,isn’t it?

The feather-y and suede-y texture of my earrings and shoes made a good balance with the crochet vest.

*Don’t be afraid to mix and match items on your closet,whether it’s a clash of textures just like what I did,or print on print.Even layering,though we’re in a tropical country with a daily dose of scorching hot sun,layering can be done-just be smart in choosing items,I suggest clothes with cotton-y and/or sheer fabric.Plus,don’t forget with you an enough dose of confidence.



Visit Just Kikay and get discounts on the first collection

*notice anything? I’m creating my own vocabulary and starting to love + -y on words 🙂

2 Comments leave one →
  1. shaz gepana permalink
    December 15, 2011 7:54 am

    love them all.. drooling on ur jc foxy

    • thefashionvoyager permalink*
      December 15, 2011 3:20 pm

      Thanks Shaz!
      Why don’t you start collecting some pair of yours 😉

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