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In the Spotlight:Guys’ Style Files

June 22, 2011

Many of us think that girls are the only ones who can be “fashionistas”  but in reality,guys are not left behind when it comes to fashion and style.

Here are some of  the Fashion Bloggers which I admire because of their great sense of style.

Peter Adrian

Aspiring Artist/Actor/Dancer/Model from Los Angeles


He’s just a guy next door type.

He often mix and match shorts,polo,and vest to create a stylish look.

What I love about his style is that it’s just comfortable to wear yet eye-catchy.

*Add a little of his charm 🙂

More of his looks here:

Mike Quyen

17 year old Photographer and Student from Bucharest&Hanoi

An expert when it comes to skinnies.

*Did you notice something with his pictures?He’s always floating in the air. 🙂

More of his look here:

Curtis Yu

blogger from Taipei

Polo+Trousers+Oxfords=Curtis’ Style

He loves partnering it with an envelope or satchel bag for a complete  ” always on the go” style.

More of his looks here:

So now,who do you think is more stylish? Is it the girls or maybe the  guys?



*for my friend Mersh ♥


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