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Shoe Collection 101

June 7, 2011

Hi ladies!

Before I start posting outfit looks here in my newly created blog, let me share with you a couple of pair of shoes that I have.

Patton Wedge from SO! F.A.B.

This one is my most trusted pair amongst all because it matches any set of clothes whether I feel like being sassy or edgy.(Gifted by my parents for my 17th birthday)

Leather Heels from MNG

I have to get first a license before wearing this pair. 😀

Boutique Platforms

I got this great find from the Bloggers United Bazaar I’ve attended last May at the Malayan Hotel in Ortigas.To be specific,from Chictopia’s booth.( Thanks to Kookie B. for being accommodating)

Plum Heels from Le Donne

This one’s my most recent purchase. I just love it’s plum color and the three ribbon-like design in front.

Two-tone Heels from Kimi

I love pink,that’s it 😀 ( Kimi’s a shoe boutique at Market!Market!)

Silver Stilettos from GIBI

This pair is best worn with cocktail dresses.

Silver Wegde from Kimi

I’m planning to wear it with clothes which are blue and purple in color.

Gold Wedge from Kimi

If there’s silver,there should also be gold.:) I can pair it with white and red.

Korean Floral Wedges

These couples of pairs are fit to wear during summer.

Nava Boots by Babo

Howdy! Whenever I feel like dressing up like a country girl this pair’s just perfect!

Booties from SO! F.A.B.

A perfect pair for baby doll dresses and skirts.

Chucks from Converse

Rock n’ Roll! Instant rocker chic! (Too lazy to put the original violet laces; it’s puzzling me you know ;D)

Sneakers from Bench

They come in different colors and prints and these pairs had caught my eyes. These are perfect for strolling.

Brogues from Gigli

It’s an essential pair every lady should have. In my own opinion, it just matches most of outfits I can think of! Very stylish yet comfortable. I love wearing this pair when I’m vintage-inspired.

Korean Flats

I just love its pastel green color.

Sandals from Vinci

This one’s really comfortable to wear.

I’m looking forward in buying new pair of shoes.I would love to have a green one and a pair which has animal print on it (urgh…I’m obsessed with wedges!)

“Invest in statement heels-they make every outfit instantly chic”-Kryz Uy



*Stand by for my next shoe collection post 😀

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  1. Kris permalink
    September 11, 2011 2:43 pm

    hi, where is kimi shoes located at market market?

    • thefashionvoyager permalink*
      September 12, 2011 3:22 pm

      Hi Kris!
      It’s located @Fashion Market 🙂

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