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November 14, 2013

Dress: Muradito| Hat: Forever 21| Shoes:Payless

O’ yes I admit, I’ve got this LSS fro Katy Perry’s song Roar which is always on-the-top-of-the-list in the Myx hit chart.  I know everyone’s first impression is that I’ve got the title from the song itself..but as I am writing this post at this very moment, I’ve come to realize the deeper meaning within the song. .. being fearless..

Every moment our life bears the imprint of fear – tied with every action. We are afraid of losing, we are afraid of being rejected. We always have hesitations on what to do and what not to do, where to go and were not to go, and so on. Thus, the tendency is to hold back and loose the chance of easily achieving things.

On the other hand, fear is a part of our basic emotions and sometimes unpredictable. It is a part of our survival mechanism. Accordingly, we should be able to master how to overcome fear for it not to take over in our lives.

We should not pinpoint external factors as cause of our fear. It is our own creation and emotion which is sometimes beyond the pale. Our insecurities and diffidence foster fear. Worst, we will not learn lessons if we always fear something.

The best thing to do? Face our fears. Emerson said, “Do the thing we fear and death of fear is certain.” Little by little, step by step, learn the art of breaking the walls of fearfulness. As they say, the journey of a hundred miles begins with the first step. So get started! Roar and be the Champion you’ve always dreamt of!





The Comeback

October 1, 2013

Leather Vest, Shorts & Hat: Forever 21|Top: STF| Shoes: Trunk Show

photos by Abby G

I’m finally back on track! Gah, it’s been ages since I last wrote down a blog post. Anyways, here’s my latest OOTD still composed of neutrals. ( I don’t know the reason behind my quick fashion choice transition,  maybe the adverse effect of gloomy, unpredictable weather – from candy colors to plain neutrals.) Still, made a way to make it interesting by picking pieces that will be such a statement-maker though. Just like these leather vest and shorts which I hoarded from my last F@1 visit- such a steal! Don’t you just love the studs  zips as well? They bring nuff edginess, I can say. 😉

Btw, happy October first! 😀 maybe we can now start making lists of gifts for our loved ones and planning for the nearly family gatherings. 🙂




Hot Pink

August 15, 2013

Dress: c/o Ate Kath| Shoes; Primadonna

photos by Abby G

Tadah! Am back with my girly aura – hot pink bow dress matchy match with equally hot pink kicks. 😉 Just took a break from my trying to be androgynous looks. haha. Nuff with black and white – slash – neutral ensembles for now. And so, wore something which will turn the gloomy weather into a bloomy one – hot pink. 😀

* If you would notice, it’s been a while since I last wore sky high heels. My right foot is still on the recovery from sprain. I just insisted to wear a pair at these set of photos.In fact, I can’t still walk with them.</3





August 12, 2013

Photos by Abby G

Top: Sassi Boutique|Shorts: Strings Manila| Shoes: Gold Dot| Hat: SM WWW| Earings: BVF

….and now I can say, rainy season has officially started.

It’s been raining cats and dogs the whole day, the sky seems so dark, the air feels chilly as it touches my skin. It feels like I just wanted to hide beneath the sheets, curl up and hear the music which the rain drops create. Oh, rainy days – lazy days. Okay, nuff said. Yet, her I am, skirmishing my lethargy to be able to write a post which took me ages already. And so, the scorching days of summer slowly turned chilly nights so with my bright ensembles turned neutral ones –  a transition. However, who says dressing up with neutral colors has to be boring? Nah, it’s just about picking pieces which will look interesting together  just like these timeless pieces.





Working Behind the Scene

July 22, 2013


Muscle Tee| Shorts: Landmark| Shoes: Gold Dot

A friend asked me if I can work behind the scene and take her photos- without second thought I agreed. I felt so giddy with the idea of me capturing shots instead of striking a pose in front of the camera which I normally do. And so, here’s my “working outfit” – muscle tee,shorts & flats combo.Made sure I’ll be in my comfiest during the shoot. 😉 ( Nah, I know it’s kind of ironic that I still hove LOTD photos though I’m the one who’s working behind the cam. Can’t help it! :p )




July 15, 2013

Aren’t days like this – blue skies with cloud puffs blanketing the sun rays and breezy cold wind which touches your face relaxing?

How I wish milieu is just like this all the time…

Blazer: Ash Manila| Shorts: Androygne Manila|Shoes: Trunk Show

Photos by Abby G

And so with my look …

Everyone’s going gaga over Bart Simpson-as if it’s like a trending tweet  ( that’s why this is entitled #HashBart, get it? 😀 ). Isn’t the shorts too quirky? Just can’t help but wear it. Nonetheless, made sure the look wouldn’t turn out too casual so I topped it off with boyfriend’s blazer & slipped into my most trusted spiked wedges for a touch of edginess.

Btw, can you recommend a good pair of running shoes? Looking for one right now. Guess I have to do some running, work out in general again. Am gaining a lil’ weight without toning ( nah, drinking frappuccino three times a day led me to this. haha).

For a Change + Giveaway Winners

July 7, 2013


Photos by Abby G

I’m finally baaaaack! 😀

Okay, for those who don’t know – I was sick for about a week. I had this viral infection and I had to have bed rest for a couple of days. 😐 Good thing, am now fully recovered and back with my newly permed hair. (insert face with a huge,huge smile here)For a change. Am sick of having my hair straightened then it will just go back to it’s unmanageable condition after a couple of months. One thing I’ve realized, why are we always trying to be someone else? Why don’t we just accept who we are, the way we look? Whites wanted glowing tan skin, while others wanted porcelain white skin. Others wanted silky straight hair, while others wanted bouncy curled hair. I just wonder – when will it be that people will learn to love the beauty within them, moreover their flaws? nah, no one can say. And so, the story ended up having my hair permed just to make my crowning glory more presentable and manageable – wash ‘n wear. haha 😀

About my look, decided to make a soft layering since we’re now experiencing an oh-so bipolar weather. The sun is shining so bright then suddenly there will be unexpected pour of rain-just hate it. Top off my corset-skirt ensemble with a vest which I can remove in times when sun is scorching hot already.Plus, brought with me my most trusted pair of Dr. Martens so when it rains, I can slip them on. Heels am wearing is made of velvet and the colour tends to change whenever the fabric gets wet.

Sorry if this took so long, am now announcing the winners of my current giveaway: Fashion Freedom Giveaway in cooperation with “F” Flaunt Fabulous Fashion & Elitista Basement


Anne Bunyi


1.New Maybelline New York Color Tattoo

Sarah Ann Faciolan

2.Conair MiniPro 2 in 1 Ceramic Styler

Jean Dumrique

3.FREE Hair and Makeup Service b Elitista Basement

Louella Grace


Congratulations ladies! 🙂